Go Green

Go Green with Oasis Printing

Go Green with Oasis Empire, at Oasis we are providing climate neutral printing that will help protect our world.

How does it work? With help from climate partner we calculate CO2 emissions of a specific printed product, the emissions caused by the production of raw materials, the print process and transportation are all taken into account.
The CO2 emissions are offset by supporting a recognised carbon offset project that reduces CO2 emissions effectively, our chosen project is Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, Kenya.

By Purchasing with Oasis Empire you can emphasise your own sustainability and climate protection strategy to your customers, your contribution is verified and documented.

On completion of the job we will issue a certificate for the contribution along with an individual ID Number for communication and monitoring.

Kasigau Wildlife Korridor, Kenya.
The Kasigau forest conservation project in kenya protects existing dry forest and savanna covering an area of approximately 170,000 hectares. It prevents deforestation as well as protecting regional water resources and the local biodiversity

For more details please call 01903 228 875 or email enquiries@oasisempire.co.uk
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