Based In Worthing West Sussex Oasis Empire are the fastest Branded & Promotional clothing company in the South of England. Typical turn around times are from 48 hours dependent on specifications. Clothing is a very effective method of increasing your brand awareness to the public, whether it's your staff at a conference or event, or whether it's a taking clients on the golf course.
Our Philosophy at Oasis Empire is to try to keep it simple, we have a "Can do attitude" we understand the industry and it's demands, we will get it done. Small or large, every order is a challenge and we always rise to meet it. Oasis Empire offer a wide range of different promotional clothing products from uniforms to sportswear.

What we


We offer a full screen printing and embroidering service, from clothing supply to re-labelling and expert distribution throughout Europe.

We aim to deliver all orders within a maximum timeframe of two to three weeks, and most are completed within 7- 10 days.

We also offer an express service for urgent orders, subject to technical requirements, where possible. Please call about this.

Many of our customers are corporate gift houses, demanding both high quality and competitive prices. We will help you to determine the best finish for your brief as well as which stock to use.

All major clothing brands are available at distributor prices or even lower.



The actual cost will depend on the chosen design, the type or brand of garment and the quantity required. There are other variables, including the number of different colours per screen printed design and the number of stitches which make up an embroidered design. We can provide guidance regarding both finishes and garments - a non obligation quote will be with you within hours of your enquiry.

New designs are subject to a set-up charge for both print screens and embroidery programmes. This normally refunded if we win your order.

These costs vary again according to the number of colours (printing), or the number of stitches (embroidery) and will be detailed clearly in the quote. All the print screens we use are held in storage therefore no further costs incurred.

Our automatic printing machines can produce runs of 25 and over per design. Our embroidery machines produce runs of 12 and upwards per design. We are more than happy to provide patch samples to test the quality & see the design in its true form.



Debossing creates an indented image by applying a die to heat-pressed area.
  • Creates an unique 3D look
  • Apply to almost any location
  • Subtle tone on tone look
  • Great choice for waterproof garments
  • Not suitable for white garments

Sublimation is a printing method where ink is heated to turn into gas and form a permanent bond with the to-be-decorated material.
  • Premium full-colour photo-realistic prints
  • Suitable for polyester fabrics (minimum 60% polyester)
  • Soft, flexible imprint that can even be applied over seams and zips
  • Decoration is resistant to fading and cracking
  • Only suitable for white products

Laser engraving is achieved through using a laser beam to precisely etch decoration into a surface.
  • Decorate virtually any location
  • Unique tone on tone
  • No puncture of the garment. Perfect for technical fabrics
  • Used only on synthetic garments
  • Design for decoration on bright coloured fabric
  • Not suitable for white, black and dark blue garments

Embroidery is decorating a fabric by stitching thread in a pattern. List Classic decoration technique [List]
  • High value look
  • Tread colours to match any logo
  • Up to 12 colours per embroidery
  • High impact wool stitch

    Transferring is done by first creating a screen print image on paper and then using heat and glue to transfer it onto the chosen garment.[List]
  • Perfect for logos with many colours
  • 4 Colour process or PMS spot colour
  • Allows for extreme detail like small text
  • Free standing text
  • No contours required
  • Large sizes available
  • Maintains integrity of waterproof fabrics

    Screen printing or silk screen is a printing method where the image is imposed on a mesh screen with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Inks are then pressed through the mesh screen to produce clear, sharp images.
    • Economic choice for large multi-coloured decoration
    • Great choice for a destressed look and feel
    • Ideal technique for fleece

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