Oasis Empire partners and has ownership with manufacturers that operates from a 30,000 square feet factory units consisting of production areas and a 500+ pallet warehouses
Significant investments in the businesses give's us an enviable production resource to offer our customers.
A dedicated pre-production studio with both MAC and PC formats is linked to CAD CAM automated sample making. This facility gives our customers the option of bringing their packaging ideas to life before committing to a full production run.
Our in house production then includes plate making, B1 multi colour presses, new die cutters and the UK's first Heidelberg Diana gluer. This mix of machinery means that we keep control of the manufacturing process from start to finish.
Flexible shift working patterns and a healthy mix of client sizes allow us to offer raw material and finished goods stock holding which make Quantum an ideal choice for customers seeking a high quality, flexible and competitive supply partner.


At Oasis Empire we constantly aim to deliver quality cardboard packaging at competitive prices.

We combine family business values with up to date production technology.

Highly trained customer services and production teams are in place to provide clients with sound advice and access to an exceptional range of products and services.


Oasis Empire has ability to be flexible over storage and distribution, we team up with some of the UK's largest distribution companies thanks to our growing success in various areas of our business.
As a key supplier to many companies throughout the UK, we understand how critical it is to manage the on-going supply of product. We can tailor carton board stock and finished goods arrangements for each customer, providing a seamless flow and allowing us to guarantee availability of packaging.
Using our custom built M.I.S. we can produce a detailed analysis of usage, so that appropriate levels of material can be held in the supply chain on an ongoing basis.

Supply Chain Management solutions can be offered against customer forecasts to reduce costs. By careful planning and a flexible production capability, finished goods stocks can be minimised whilst responding 'just in time' to surges in customer sales activity.
We have 500+ pallet spaces available in our warehouse facilities and are equipped to provide that vital stock-holding and multiple delivery facility. Customers benefit from the reduced unit costs, which additional volumes bring, in addition to the positive effects of reduced stock-holding and increased cash flow.


We have dedicated Customer Service on hand to expedite call-off orders which can, where necessary, be dispatched same day location dependent.
Space is costly and at a premium for most businesses. Solid Board Folding Cartons are an excellent packaging medium, offering efficient use of space. Our warehousing and logistics facility really does deliver!

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